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Welcome to my Section Car Pages. I hope you find this site useful! if there is something you are looking for that is not mentioned, please email me.

John Kirk took the photo of me (to the right) and my M19 at Neuroodla, on the Leigh Creek Line on the last run there in 2003.

My interest in section cars goes back as far as I can remember. The earliest pic I have with me and a section car was in 1971! I recall seeing them at various museums and parks when I was young, but it was not until I moved to Port Lincoln South Australia in 1985 that I actually got to ride on one.

A friend and I had traveled up to Cummins (a small farming town, and railway junction on Eyre Peninsula about 60km north of Port Lincoln) and was heading south when I saw a small headlight coming towards me. We pulled over to take a photo, when the obliging operator slowed down to let me take a photo. The car was a Fairmont M15-B fleet no. M116, substantially modified for its task, and was under the control of the Port Lincoln based length runner, "Hoppy".

After an invite to board, I rode for about 2km into Cummins, and was thus bitten by the Fairmont Bug. This car now resides in my shed!

A few months after my encounter, I managed to wangle a section car from the Railways in Port Lincoln, which turned out to be a Fairmont ST2-Z42 H series car, fleet no F175. It was joined a few months later by another small Fairmont, M21,one of three M19Z42s imported from the US for the SAR.Thanks to a considerate District Engineer!

Since then I have had a passionate interest in the hobby. I have been involved with all the preservation groups that have specialised solely in section cars in Australia (not those who are preserving a railway, and running cars for the public) - founding three of them, including the Australian Society of Section Car Operators, Inc. Some info on their earlier runs is available off links on My Runs Page. Its hard to believe that it is over 22 years since ASSCO was established. 2022 is the twenty firstyear they have been accredited and operational!

My current efforts are estabilishing Motorcar Consortium Ltd.

In June of 2003, I was invited to attend the Motorcar Operators West, Inc. Pacific North West Tour, as a guest of John Black and Jeanne Kleyn. This was my second trip to the States. I stayed with "SPEEDER" editor and long time pen-friend Jeffrey Dobek in frozen Iowa in 1993 (and got a ride on the Keokuk Junction Railway).The chance to be a part of the Pacific North West Tour has been a highlight of my involvement with the hobby. My third trip overseas, during 2006, took in the White Pass and Yukon Route, in Alaska as a guest of John and MOW. By far the most amazing run I have done (and the slowest I have been at uploading a run subsite).

2016 marked the Thirtieth Anniversary of my first "big trip" on a speeder, the Quad to Quorn. Sadly, the remaining section of the Quorn line was removed late in 2008.

I have had a lot of fun working with the hobby and its supporting industry, and the many bright and capable people who make running section cars a great past-time, and Australia, a great place to live. The hobby has given me many wonderful freindships, across Australia and the World. I enjoy hearing from people who have now found how much fun the hobby is.

Congrats to Section Cars Australia on acheiving accreditation.

Thanks to those who have contributed to these pages. If you wish to see what has been updated recently try the History Page. I have also added a navigation page to help you get through it!

And because I am open minded - I have been adding road-rail and MIC technologies to the page. I hope that this site, and its links, gives you further inspiration as to the fun of the activity.

I look forward to welcoming you back soon.

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