My Second M19-Fleet No 140

Formerly Commonwealth Railways/Australian National

Last Depot believed to be Alice Springs
I first came across 140 when involved with Steamtown at Peterborough, and when helping Tony Jones at Bruce get his cars running in the early 1990's. The owner would not sell, but was prepared to swap for a narrow gauge car.

I have owned 140 for about 26 years. It sat in pieces, with a seized engine for about four years, in my back yard. I finally completed her restoration in 1998. The impetus being the BHP Tramway at Port Lincoln.

Since then she has done over 2,000km on various trips, including three mainline runs from Port Augusta to Leigh Creek.

Heres some video of her on her first run post rebuild

The M15B is now back in my collection!


 140 at Hammond

On the way home via Port Augusta 1994 Real History, AN is now dead!

Two 140s'?

It appears that a fitter made a mistake in labelling the cars. My "140" is the one behind. Assuming CR numbered the cars sequentially, my car is the proper "140".

The car pictured ended up with a collector in Mildura. He kindly sold me the front rails so I could complete the restoration of one of my other cars.

The photo was taken at the auction compound in Port Augusta late in 1985. Both these cars were part of a batch of five delivered to the Commonwealth Railways in 1967. All had electric start.

A number are still around: My 140, the "other" one in the pic above, No138, (sold at auction in 2003 to a South Australian), one other in NSW (EX CR -Canberra Yass Railway) and 141.

141 and another ex CR M19 went to New South Wales from Peterborough in the 90's. The CR car alocated to the Canberra Yass Railway is out there somewhere

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