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Road-rail Mini Mokes

Previously, I thought that this Moke was ex TGR, and had been bought to the EP by ANRC during the big changes of its early days.

However, a key difference between this and the TGR Mokes was the hard top fitted to the TGR version.Thanks to Michael Dix of the TASRAIL group for advising that in 1978, there were some 15 of these running around in Tasmania.

An article in Railway Transportation (October 1967) described their development by the TGR, and noted 10 cars in service .

The above photo - by Murray Billett, shows a Moke on the Central Australia Railway in 1976. It would appear that the CR owned at least two of these - ZDC-038, and ZDC-813. ZDC-038 is at Verran (the top photo).

The wheels sat on the 42" gauge track with the assistance of some spacers, and were tracked by a backing plate.

Mokes were big in the 70s, being promoted as an alternative to big cars (the line was that "Moking is not a Wealth Hazard"). They were an outcome of a search by the British Military to develop a light vehicle which could be dropped from an aircraft.

The Mokes were built in Australia by Leyland, using a motor similar to that in the famous Leyland/Morris Mini. Production here ended in 1981.A more detailed history is located here

More recent information suggests that GEMCO developed road-rail equipment for these cars, and built at least two in service in 1970. An article in Railway Transportation described their development, including their use by the District Engineers at Perth and Northam. Gemco It also quoted to supply a number of cars to the Queensland Government Railways in 1972.

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