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Fairmont Resources

Includes links to additional pages and other sites with reliable, no-bullshit info on Fairmonts, including parts sources.

NSWGR SIC Resources

Wickham Type 4

NSWGR Villiers Resources

History of Fairmont Engines (PDF)


I have manuals for the following:

A Series Fairmont, STT/E, ST2, ST2Z42, ST2Z63, M15BZ42, MT14 (two stroke), M19AA, M19, VR Cars

Eisseman Magnetos, Fairmont lights, Selected Fairmont engines

Wisconsin S12D and AELND

AU$20 each, plus postage within Australia.

Docs of interest

Victorian K KS, B and others

Victorian Rules

Try also Doug Cummins MotorCar Resource Library

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