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This subsite came about from two sources - firstly the idea has been unashamedly stolen from Kens Section Car Shed, whilst the core information associated with the three subpages is based on some information provided to me by Steve Gordon at the National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide.

The data draws heavily on my notes and photos, however I have not included information that identifies who owns what.

If you own a car, and would like to share a little on its history, or you know of a particular car not referenced please email me and I will add it to the list .

The information in the associated pages is not complete, in particular the Fairmont Car information did not include fleet numbers allocated to the M19AA and ST2 Fairmont cars alocated to the Standardisation Project.

Please do not pinch material from here - ask me!

Fairmont Cars | S Class Cars | Wickham Car | Trailers and others | Motor Inspection Cars | Quadricycles | Hand cars | T Class Cars

The Section Car Page | Wickham Register

Information for these pages has come from

 Authors own collection (Various notes and photos), National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide; Various internet forums, including Railpage, Various websites (as Linked), Gangers Rail Trolleys, ASSCO's "Trackside", SASCPS "Inspector" and various personal communications; Drymalick, C 2015 National Railway Museum Exhibits Guide; Albert Melchert/NSWGR Trikes; Troy Barker; Minutes Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, Pichi Richi Railway Patter (various editions)

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