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Fairmont ST-2

This was my first ST2Z42 ex Port Lincoln for the grand sum of $25. This car was overhauled by AN not long before it was sold - note the reclassification to Australian National's plant coding system now CC175. She was, according to information from the National Railway Museum, acquired by the SAR during the 1960/61 financial year at a cost of $1304.

Tutts note that they knocked out some 346 between 1961 and 1981, although records such as plates are indicating that cars were built as early as 1950

The SAR cars were generally fitted with a timer and buzz coil, as were the NSWGR cars and those in Western Australia, Queensland cars often had an Eisemann AM1 magneto.

Cobdogla Steam Friends (South Australia) has converted one of these to 24" gauge.

 Woolooga on the Goomeri Branch, Queensland. This is an ST2 that has been remotored with a Briggs and an infinitely variable belt drive, with a reversible box. Still in use June 2002.

For a detailed listing of QR cars - see Kens Section Car Shed

F174 sat on the scrap pile in Port Lincoln for a few years before turning up at an auction at Islington Workshops.

As cars become rarer - this is more a restoration proposition that it was a few years ago.

This car was also acquired by the SAR at the same time as CC175.

There were also a number of S2 series cars in Australia.

I understand that there were a couple in the North West on the Iron Ore lines, and that the builders of the railway to the Francis Creek Iron Ore mine in the Northern Territory also has a couple on the 42" gauge track there.

One of these is currently under restoration,

Some QR cars have also been moved to the Northern Territory, but alas, there are/were some ex CR cars too.

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