NRG Flinders

March 2003

The Leigh Creek line is a heavy haul coal line, and one of the longest runs in the southern Hemisphere for section car operators

This trip there were four cars along, two former NSWGR SIC's, a former Commonwealth Railways M19 and a former Australian National A5.

This run saw people travel from afar, including including John Kirk from Melbourne, Steve Overmyer from Sydney, and especially John and Jeanne Black who travelled to Adelaide all the way from Washington State USA.

This run based itself at Parachilna, and made use of the wonderful resources of the Prairie Hotel. Its worth the trip just to stay at the Prairie. The idea was to avoid some of the fatigue issues associated with running the whole line, as well as to make the trip that little bit more comfortable.

The group headed north on the Saturday, up to Copley, and south to Neuroodla on the Sunday.

 Day One

North to Copley and we were delayed an hour or two as we waited for the welding gang to finish up for the morning. The guy with the bushy beard is one of the welding gang. To the left is Steve O and to the right is Ian Harris.

Harsco reaches into the remote outback of Australia.

In the front is 1960's technology, an M19, behind is the rail puller in use by the gang, with the Fairmont Tamper/Harsco trailer in the background.

Beltana Siding.

John Kirk on Nic Doncasters M19 - this was his first time on a speeder, and the first time he has seen the Leigh Creek line from ballast level.

On the long curve from Leigh Creek to Copley

All the cars on Windy Creek Bridge

M19, SIC, SIC, A5 and the hirail

Jeanne Kleyn and a bunch of friendly Oz flies, and a friendly Steve Overmyer to the right.

Beltana on the way back

Safely back at Parachilna, with the cars secured to the track for the night.

Dion (L), the safeworker, and Steve (R) share a joke.

Day 2 heading south

Neuroodla is our target.

Photostop on the way home.

Our trusty steads.

And we are ready to go....

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