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The NSWGR developed the Towing Inspectors' Car in the 1930s, and later developed the Supervisors' Inspection Car in the 1960s.

The earlier cars were powered by a Villiers or J.A.P. (J A Preswich, from the UK) motor. many were later remotored with a Wisconsin S12D or AELND series four stroke motor. Drive is through an Albion HR gearbox.

Pictured above is an SIC, number 34, on the Leigh Creek Line South Australia, a long way from NSW.

The best description of these cars is from Greg Lee.

The car pictured has an earlier body. Later cars had rounder windows, and a tilt-able body.

This TIC is located in the Railway Museum at Ipswich Workshops.

David Mewes, Curator, advises QR had two, plus two motor quads from NSW, to maintain the line south to the Border.

The very rudimentary features of a TIC.

TIC WW60/91 at Werris Creek.

Some of the TIC's had rounded panels, not dissimilar to those fitted on the car above.

These cars do not have much in the way of protection, particularly if one's light fails when running at night, and then one collects a cow!

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