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This page has helped many sell their section cars/parts, and has helped others buy a car, or needed parts.

If you have something to sell or buy and would like it hosted here - please let me know. I am generally happy to host requests and ads.

If you need assistance and advice, you are welcome to contact me.

Like any unique hobby - shop around and talk to those you trust!

If you would like to buy something from me, my preference is cheque or direct debit (if you live in Australia) or Paypal if you live elsewhere.

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For Sale

Am testing the water for my ST2Z42 F18

will include a stack of parts and other bits and peices.

happy to discuss with you if you may be interested

No Arseholes, Sex Offenders or their hangers on

For Sale/For Free

Manuals for Fairmont, some Victorian Section Cars, some Wickham, Eisseman magnetos, Wisconsin motors, JAP motors

Please check my resources pages (links at top of page) - a number are available for down load as a PDF.

if I have to copy them, $15 plus postage - procedes to Motorcar Consortium Ltd

If you have a manual I have not uploaded, be happy to scan it and return to you, and upload for sharing.

Contact site owner


Looking for an M19-Z63, or similar

Condition unimportant, preferred complete.

Happy to discuss Contact here Phone 040993770



Looking for a Fairmont "Super-Lite" Lantern, as described in Bulletin 708

Please contact me using the links above.


Fairmont belt F5513 to suit M19 series cars

Happy to negotiate a fair price, or part or full trade with you.

Contact site owner.

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