My Runs

This page links you to most of the runs that I have done. There are one or two that I may have forgotten about.

I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I have enjoyed the runs, or enjoyed others getting their speeder out on a run.

1986 The Quad to Quorn

1988 Hotham Valley | Pemberton Tramway
1989 Alice Springs
1990 Yambah to Alawoona
1995 Curdimurka Outback Ball
1996 Steamtown
1997 Mount Gambier
1998 A trip with the Schapanskys
1999 Coffin Bay Tramway
2000 Year spent setting up ASSCO
2001 Mary Valley Heritage Railway | State Mine NSW | NRG 2001 | YPrail
2002 YP Rail 2002 | Yeelanna-Kappinie | Kevin-Penong | NRG Flinders
2003 Kevin-Penong | NRG Flinders | The Pacific North West Tour, 2003 | Pichi Richi Railway| F18 National Railway Museum | Mary Valley | Kingaroy
2004 Wallan-Garra | YPrail | Yeppoon | YPrail -M97's Last run? | Kingaroy
2006 White Pass and Yukon Route (MOW) 2006
2007 Everything in the Shed!
2008 Commenced work on an exciting new project
2009 Still working on the new project!
2010 Uploaded site for New Project - nearly ready to roll
2013 Mary Valley worktrip
2017-18 Pushing for accreditation of MCCL

I do not endorse or encourage the illegal or unsafe operation of motor section cars.

My trips have all been within the legal confines of the framework of the time, and have been done, to the best of my knowledge, where I did not seek the permission, with the permission of the owner of the railway.

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