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WAGR Motor Quads

On a recent trip to Perth, I expanded my knowledge on these cars considerably. For example, I know of at least six now in various states, from complete to knackered. I have created a sub-page with photos of all the various cars I have found. If you have one, I'd be keen to talk about buying it, or at least listing it here.

These cars appear to be a Midland creation, perhaps from the mid sixties. All I have seen are powered by a small Suzuki two stroke motor bike motor of around 125cc. There is an earlier one, Listed separately, powered by a JAP (and for Chief Idiot, that is JA Prestwich). most of these cars are on display at either Bassendean or Northam.

I have even managed to find a standard gauge unit, listed here.

This photo of a WAGR quad was taken at Karalee, a staff station on the old Narrow Gauge line to Kalgoorlie. December 11, 1970.

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