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AN Suzuki Sierra


The first hi-rail on the Eyre Peninsula appears to have been a Diahatsu Hijet. The SAR and later AN persisted with Fairmont M15's, M19's, and ST-2's (and the odd STT and STE) for track maintenance and inspection into the late 1980's.

The Sierras were introduced in 1986. I believe the first one was provided to the Port Lincoln Length Runner, wherein a Fairmont M19, M21, was sold as scrap. M15 M116 was then placed into back up. Interestingly, BHP at Whyalla also took delivery of said style Hi-rail at about the same time!

This photo was taken at Wirrulla on the Penong Branch of the division in the early 1990's.

I believe a Sierra is also owned by a tourist railway here in South Australia.

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