Kingaroy July 2004

This was the first run organised after ASSCO managed to renew its insurance after the Crisis of 2003. This was part of a Pooled Scheme where CHRTSA organised insurance involving all but one of SA's tourist railways. ASSCO bought into the policy, thus re-establishing its operational status, and helping other Heritage railways in SA obtain affordable insurance.

It was a return visit to the Kingaroy Line as the group had done all of the administrative work for the previous run. Ken McHugh, with assistance from Jerry Jirasek successfully managed an outstanding weekend. A highlight for many was morning tea provided by the wonderful people of Kilkivan, a small hamlet about half way between the base of Goomeri and the eastern terminus, for us anyway, of the Dickabram Bridge.

Along with 29 other great people, Don Smith from South Australia, and Steve Overmyer from New South Wales. Travelling almost as far where the Batleys and Callows from near Townsville. A total of eleven cars ran.

I recall there was one more run by ASSCO before this line was pulled up.

The removal commenced in in 2012, after the line was officially closed in 2009. Much of it is now a walking trail.

The line-up at Kilkivan. Lead car is Kens MT14.

The kind Folk at Kilkivan. The Lady in the blue top and white trousers is Dame Adlephi.
She kindly organised morning tea for the crew on this occasion, and light refreshments on our return.

This was greatly appreciated, and has been a feature of other runs on the Kingaroy Line.

Steve Overmyer snapped this great pic as the run approached Dickabram Bridge - this is a joint road-rail bridge.

Tom Callow and Kevin Horsten on board Kevins ST-2 at Wondi on the way home Day 2.

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