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Last Run on YPRPS Inc.

Peter Carter and my wife Lynda on the YPR track.

M97 hit the rails for what was thought to be the last time on YPRails track in July 2002.

ASSCO was hoping to run the track again at the October Long Weekend (2002), but the insurance crisis in SA meant that YPR would not be in a position to host us.

I negotiated driectly with Yorke Peninsula Railway (YPR) to be able to run under YPR's accreditation on a fee-for-service basis. I feel "work-for-ride" and the "trolley-bash" approach is not a fair system, with the host organisation gaining mininal return for a huge risk. And without due consideration to appropriate risk management of section cars whilst on track.

The rain came, and came, and came, and went just as we returned to Wallaroo, with three hours to spare before the insurance expired. The cat at Kadina is probably still wondering what nearly ran it over!

This was a distressing situation, as the members of YPR have build a great operation up in a very short period of time, and have developed a strong market presence.

The Yorke Peninsula Railway Preservation Society Inc, did keel over, but was reborne the next day as a Lions Club - Lions Club of Yorke Peninsula Rail Inc. Sadly, severe heat in the first quarter of 2009 caused the track to buckle in numerous places. They have subsequently ceased operations.

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