Kingaroy April 2003

Heading down the Range

The Kingaroy Line runs into the hinterland of southern Queensland, and is one of the last "typical" branchlines of the State. The line starts at a siding called Theebine, and heads 124km roughly due west from the Main North line to the town of Kingaroy, famous for its grain, peanuts, and as home to former Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke Peterson.

The line is low traffic, with a cattle train run as needed, and grain and peanuts hauled from time to time. Being about a two hour drive from Brisbane, it was located in an ideal position for a run. The run was ably led by Jerry, who had taken on the role of State Coordinator for ASSCO at that time.

The trip was split, with a base camp set up at the railway station in Goomeri. We were warmly welcomed by the locals, particularly the locals at Kilkivan, who, since this run, have provided ASSCO members with morning tea!

The group ran east to just West of Theebine (stopping at the Dickabram Bridge) on the Saturday, and heading west through Murgon to Kingaroy on the Sunday. The group travelled some 250km by rail over the weekend.

This great pic, by Ken McHugh was taken at Murgon - QR had shunted the line the day before - the first train for years!

Day Two - a break at Wondi

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