Warwick to Wallan-Garra
This trip was an ASSCO run, the second in Queensland since it renewed its insurnace.

It was a fantastic weekend, with ten cars, twenty people, and about 120km of line. This track was, in its heyday, the main line to New South Wales. It was bypassed in the thirtie's with a new standard gauge line directly into Brisbane. This is real decent 42": 60 and 80lb rail in good condition.

The Meet coordinator was Jerry Jirasek, with help from the super-organised Ken McHugh.

I was up to help out, to do some accreditation activities, and to enjoy the trip.

Wallan-Garra is about 300km south of Brisbane.

Me at the Wallan-Garra station, about 50m in front is NSW. QR trackage crosses the border, so this was technically ASSCO's first foray into NSW. Although ASSCO hopes to do more in that state.

Even bumped into a colleague who I met last year, on the NSW side of the border!

Greg Wagners M15 on one of the many bridges.

This line is steep, curvey, and very scenic. I hope to take my M19 next time. Be great to run her over some of this turf!!

See also Ken McHughs page.

Heres a video or two on Youtube

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