MVHR and State Mine
The top group of photos were taken whilst up in Brisbane. Jerry Jirasek and I ran an induction day for the Queensland members of ASSCO, and then spent the Sunday out on the
Mary Valley Heritage Railway.

This group has only been going for about 6 years (at the time), but in that time have built up an enviable collection of gear, a great train, and a railway in brilliant condition.

The track is about forty kilometres long (32 miles) through some very lush country. There appeared to have been a hell of a lot of work done on the track, which runs from Gympie to Imbal (and a little terminus a few k's down the line).

What a great bunch of people, made me feel very welcome. They show what can be done with a little effort and tenacity.

ASSCO accessed parts of this line in early 2003 - what fun!

Jerry's MT14 in the yard and ready to roll.

At one of the sidings, the young guy to the left is the resident trolley man at MVHR.

Notice how green it all is!

When the operation started, they ran the train tender first or engine first once in each direction. This air powered turntable was sourced from elsewhere, and recommissioned at Imbil.

Their C17.

This was restored in a heritage Park, and its availability was part of the impetus for the operation of the line.

They have two others, one about half way through its restoration, and the other needing lots of TLC. They also use rail cars and a diesel from time to time.

Jerry and his MT14.

A great car on a great bit of railway. Thanks for a brilliant weekend Jerry.


This is a three way bridge just out of Kandanga:

Rail on top, road in the middle and creek underneath.

These Photos were taken after my visit to the 2001 HFESA conference

I stayed with colleague Steve Overmyer, and got to go for a spin on the State Mine Heritage Park Line at Lithgow.

This is me on the State Mine Heritage Park Railway, with Steve O's M19.

This is about half way along the line

This is Steve with his Baby, on the left is the end of the line, whilst on the right is a crossing at the bottom of the line.

To the right is the main line down to Sydney

State Mine weed train, with an ex BHP English Electric, nice old beast.

Also visited Ken McCawley, this is his dog - Rusty and two of his wonderfully restored trikes

Two TICs an SIC and a QR ST2 at Kens


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