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When I was living in Port Lincoln (mid 1980's), it was a treat to head down to the BHP Depot at Proper Bay, and "borrow" BHPs' standard gauge "A" series car and go for a spin, which I did numerous times when the operation was still hauling sand, on an infrequent basis.

Late in the 1990's I was advised by the caretaker that BHP were selling the operation, and that the time was nigh to see the line for the last time.

With the permission of the caretaker, it then still being under BHP control, I accessed the line several times prior to it being removed.

I remember we did four trips to Port Lincoln. The first taking two days from Proper Bay to Coffin Bay to clear the last 9 years of growth - a train had not been out on the track since around 1989.

One visit we met up with Steve Overmyer, who bought his M19 over from New South Wales. He had a great time, as did locals Murray Wright and Ian Harris.

It was during the last of the runs that I proposed, and was supported by others in, the formation of ASSCO. Interestingly even ASSCO cannot seem to get its history right - there are several versions of these runs published in Trackside, and the latest incarnation "Trolley Shed"

This line is now no more, and the depot at Proper Bay is being redeveloped for housing. The rail was purchased by GWA, and is now part of the railway between Port Lincoln and Cummins.

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