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Last run - for a while.

My poor old broad gauge M19 is back in the shed, and will probably be there for quite a while.

Nothings wrong with it - it ran like a rocket when I took it to Wallaroo in 2005.

I offered to assist YPR with track inspections. And on the 4th of December 2004, Lynda, myself and Glen Burow set out to check the track. I was accredited as an operator with YPR, and held a certificate of fitness under the old system.

We didn't hit any cows - I don't like stew at the best of times, but we did run over two blueys. Both sunning themselves on the railhead.

So, for this poor old girl, and the rest of the fleet, looks like its a rest in the shed!

During the heat wave in February 2009, LCYPR's track buckled in something like 14 places. The extreme heat, along with the age of the track, had finally caught up with the railway.

It is a sad end for a very small team of dedicated members who had worked hard to keep the organisation going. They overcame a broken down loco; they overcame insurance problems. But the cost of repairing their infrastructure is too great.

I had the privilege of re-writing their Rail Safety Management System in 2003/2004, whilst ASSCO was not operational for the insurance reason. They were a pretty cluey lot, very good at thinking outside the square and finding a solution.

Good luck to Brian, Peter, Bossie, Kevin, Bill, Rowenna and the others as this chapter closes.

Much of the track into Wallaroo has now been removed. Whilst there has been talks of some work to re-open the railway in recent times, little appears to be happening. Now with most of the broad gauge here in SA no longer operational, looks like Victoria may be the next option.

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