Resources if you are restoring a Fairmont

(Some are in Adelaide)


Fairmont parts

Brown Railroad Equipment -

Was a highly reccomended source.knew the owner - Dan Brown - for nearly 20 years - sadly he passed away in April 2012, his son continued the business until it closed in 2017

Les King Motor Cars - Now trading as Fredericksburg Shops, but by all accounts the service and range is just as good.

I do not recommend back yard dealers - remember "there is no such thing as a free lunch" and most likely to come with a loony rave


Gardner Bearings


Phil Gandy USA

Carbie Parts, gaskets

Cary Boney - USA

Nuts Bolts and Bits

Motor Traders


Universal Fasteners


Specifications for nuts bolts and bits

Frieght Forwarding


Australian old engine resources

The Olde Machinery Mart


Steam and Engine

Car Restoration Tips and Pointers

Help Pages

Email Lists



Track Machines Australia

Section car-related publications

Set-off - North American Rail Car Owners Inc


Trackside - Australian Society of Section Car Operators Inc

Manuals and Ephemera

Motor Car Resource Library : M15B | A5A | ST2 Manual | MT14 Manual


Nic Doncaster

Miscelaneous Machining and Fabrication

Simax Engineering Parkside SA - 0882722260 - a great resource for repairs, reconditioning, and straightening.

Magneto Parts and Service

Terry Ingram 03 54802855


Doug Cribb - 0249383681


Misc bits


Manual for AM series


SanDoe Equipment - USA

Generally Useful list of places

Chrysler Club

Model T Coils - same as what a Fairmont runs


Technical Information

Belt numbers List 1 , Belt numbers List 2




Seal Numbers


Torque Specs


Dick Rays "How to" in PDF - Scroll down the page for the series in PDF


MOW Engine Project


Useful information on regulators and Generators Delco Remy ; Lucas


Links to other resources coming

Links and data are provided as a service only, and do not constitute an endorsement advertisement or promotion of any product or service. I found these places useful, so they are provided to save you time!

If you know of other places, please email me so I can add the details!

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