I acquired this ST2 in 2002. I found two photos of it in the period between when I took the above photo in January 1986 and when I collected it from its last owner. These are on the "Bruce" page.

The photo above shows F18 at Wirrabarra when Australian National was actually attempting to do something positive with the railway between Gladstone and Wilmington. The car was allocated to the resleepering gang, that, at the time, was placing large numbers of new sleepers into the track in preparation for conversion of the line to Standard Gauge. Within three years, this line, a busy grain route, would be little more than fence posts and garden trimmings.

The car was sold to the Bruce Railway Station in 1989, and lived in the gang shed there for the next 13 years. I bought it in 2002 when the previous owners sold up.

The car appears to have had extensive work completed by AN, including some electrical parts sourced from Port Pirie. This is from where fitters and crew came to the line. She was acquired, according to information provided by the National Railway Museum, by the SAR during the 1959/60 financial year. she cost £175.

She did run whilst at Bruce, I got her running there in the early 1990s, and enjoyed a few trips up and down the remnants of the Quorn Line at that time

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