The Quad to Quorn

Carrieton to Bruce - 25 January 1986

Leaving Carrieton

Eventually, we head off to Moockra, and on to Hammond.

Steamtown had removed the switches here early in the 1980's. All that remained was the kinks!

Note the steel sleepers in the passenger loop.

Near Moockra

Coonatto Bridge

Bruce in 1986 was a very run-down place.Gangs had been based here as late as 1981, but were withdrawn from here as Australian National continued its cutbacks.Within two years, the building was under restoration, and became a Bed and Breakfast under the care and management of Tony and Maggie Jones.

The Gang Shed to the right of the photo was maintained, and additional accomodation provided.Our stead, F18, and M112, both from the Wilmington Line, ended up residing at Bruce. When Tony sold up, I bought both M112 and F18. I kept F18, and arranged for M112 to go to a colleague who was looking for a car. N136 remains at Bruce.

The Station was listed for sale in 2007, so I am not sure if it is still trading.

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