F18 First Run

So here we are, a few days later, and the bucket has done the deed! She had a minor electrical bug early on, but otherwise ran really well.

Its amazing how well one of these things can run with a little servicing!

Many thanks to Ken McHugh who snapped this pic electronically.

First run on PRR, and first run for F18.

Me on the left, my wife Lynda in the middle and my Dad on the right. We flew my dad over so he could do a real trolley run.

Thanks too, to Dan Brown from Missouri Il in the States for his very prompt and kind assistance.

And a special thanks to Norm George for his work in getting a run on the Pichi Richi Railway under way.

This is some video of her on the Pichi Richi Railway.

Heather Harris snapped F18, my Dad and I at the Dairy Crossing on one of the runs.

I had a ball sharing the run with my Dad. One way to get him back for storing tonnes of crap in his backyard.

Other than the BHP tramway at Port Lincoln, he has not been on a run, especially aboard a two stroke Fairmont.

My Dad had such a ball on this trip, that it made headlines in his Annual Christmas letter. Sadly, ASSCO had a name change, but my Dad blames a crappy word processor for the error.

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