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This page captures the Narrow Gauge Cars - a separate page exists for the Standard Gauge car, and a third page exists for two older NG cars I am aware of. Photos of the general layout of one of these quads is located here.

Fleet number unknown - Pemberton 1985

326 - Bassendean 2014

A dig on the net identifies this as being powered by a Suzuki TS125 Motor bike motor. this is a little later that the one in the car below, sometime from 1970-1975.

236 - Bassendean 2014

This car has what appears to be a B120 Suzuki motor bike motor, a little earlier somewhere around 1969.

Unkown Warrier - WALRPS- Whiteman Park - modified for 24" 2014

Remnants of 340 WALRPS Whiteman Park 2014

528 - on 24" WALRPS- Whiteman Park 2014

Unknown - Bassendean Railway Museum 2014

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