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Fairmont M15B-Z42 - Cab Variations

Although the basic car design remained the same, there was a distinct variation in the designs of cabs that were fitted to the M15's used in Australia.

This page looks at the common variations applied.

Commonwealth Railways

N101 is fitted with a typical CR cab. Basically a box on top of the car. The same style of cab was used on the CR M19s.

These were heavy, and often led to problems with the light aluminium frames bending and or cracking. This particular car had an electric start, with a magneto for ignition. The large box just inside the cab is for the battery.

South Australian Railways

On the left is M112, with the lighter version "cover" fitted to an M15. Below is a drawing from the SAR of the alternative windshield fitted for electricians and S & C workers. An example of this set up once existed, I cannot recall where!

The cab on the car on the right is more typical of the enclosing the SAR did, although there are numerous variations on the theme.

These are from a drawing dated August 1965. The same drawing also provides information on the M19Z63 cabs.

The windshield sits a lot lower that those on the car in the picture of M112.

Queensland Railways

This car has a typical Queensland Railways cab.

Made of out some angle iron, tubing/round bar, and plywood, it is light and easy to maintain.

This cab is not in typical service condition, as it has been extensively refurbished by Ken and George McHugh. As with most of the other operators, the Queensland cars varied in shape and size as well.

Photo was taken by Ken McHugh on the Kingaroy run of ASSCO in April 2003.

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