The Quad to Quorn

"Quads to Quorn?"

Yes, thats right, QuadS to Quorn.

In the early part of the planning, the group looked at how it could get my two narrow guage cars (including ST2-Z42 CC175 - photo right) from Port Lincoln to Peterborough for the run. This would have given us capacity for about 6 people, and with the Tamper and troop car at Peterborough, enough to make the project worthwhile.

The idea was floated, a fare set, and it was all systems go.

Then - our plan to get the cars from Lincoln hit a few snags - our cost estimates were wrong (someone had to drive to get the cars, up to Peterborough, back to Lincoln, and then back to Adelaide - some 2000 plus kilometers, and week of driving) and the availability of a towing vehicle changed.

When costs were re-calculated for the new mode of transport, interest wained, and the project cancelled.


A New Beginning

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