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It was rather hard to have to can the project.

This baby had consumed a fair part of my time at uni (gee, nothing much has changed 22 years on) and was something that we were all really looking forward to. It was just not practicable for the show to go on.

A good friend and I had the opportunity to head to Peterborough around Christmas 1985. Instead of writing a letter, I called in to the Roadmasters office and met the man himself. He was rather disappointed we'd not be able to make the weekend - we had planned for the Australia Day Long Weekend 1986 - but said that he was going to go anyway, with his family.

"I have a spare seat, would you like to come?"

So the adventure began, one that would lead to a lasting and valued friendship of over 20 years.

(I think you guessed the answer)

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