Update 24-6-2001
The show goes on.

I took her back to the cleaners today and removed another 50kg of crude. Makes it much easier to work on. Found one of the wheels has a four millitmeter throw. So into the bin with that.

I took down the brake rigging today and freed it all up Lubricated it all with an anti-seize compound. Will now need to go back and add in washers and proper cotters.
The rear axle was stripped to put on a belt. The bearing was ok but the housing was stuffed- a nice oval shape where the guides sit. If you are looking for new bushings and guide tubes, I currently have these for sale.

Clean bearing and new housing fitted!

Engine crud. The motor has good compression, but the big end is shot. The stuff on the end of my finger is white metal. New Big end, here we go!

And lastly a "new" belt ready to roll

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