Update 8-7-2001
Had a bit of spare time today, so had a bit more of a fiddle on getting M97 back together.

This update summarises the work that was done today.

Another small step closer to being operational!

Installed a new skid onto the LHS rail. The old one was #.

The bolt is from the idler pulley, a bit beyond its use by date. The black bar is the old belt lever, also well beyond its use-by date.

The smaller hole is another lever I had. A little healthier. A new bolt and she will go back together.

This collection is the idler pulley strap and rod.

Top is the strap, after a good clean and a bash with the hammer to straighten it out. Middle is the spring.

The top Pull rod is the original, worn about half way through. Below is a better pull rod, just a small bit of wear.

Have started to cut the frames in readiness to re-weld and tidy. Note the new tank.

Ian Harris popped in and gave me a hand to pull down the motor. This is the engine that came in M97.

This is, or was the big end. Note nice oval shape with no bearing: this is in the sump.

Unfortunately, the pic of the crank corrupted. But the surface of the crank is knackered, and will need to be repaired.

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