South Australian Section Car Preservation Society Inc.


The South Australian Section Car Preservation Society Inc was incorporated during 1985 by a group of young people who had a passion for section cars. It was founded, if not before, then very soon after NARCOA was, as was Motorcar Collectors of America (MCCA).

At the time, Australian National was at the height of its Scrap and Burn campaign, and section cars, in particular its Fairmont M19’s, ST2’s and M15’s were on the way out. They could be picked up for as little as $25 each, in full working condition, some freshly rebuilt by Islington Workshops.

One of the key triggers were a number of broad gauge ST2’s located at a scrap-yard at Cavan, just north of Adelaide. These went to a collector in north eastern Victoria.

This group acquired a number of cars on broad and standard gauge, and was offered a number of other cars from other states. Its intent was to become operational, with some enquiries made to Australian National to use lines near Mt Barker, and Truro. It attempted to access a number of lines, including the Clare Valley corridor and the Quorn line.

The Inspector, its internal newsletter, was produced at least five times in an A5 format - copies are held by the State Library of South Australia.

The group disbanded and it is understood most of its assets were transferred to Steamtown.

Top - the groups logo - look familiar?

right - a broad gauge M19

Below - The Inspector