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 I first came accross M112 in 1985, on a trip to Peterborough.

She was in a pretty good shape, appearing to have just come out of an overhaul from Islington.

She was later removed to Peterborough, from where she was purchased by the then owner of Bruce Railway Station and re-opening it as a bed and Breakfast.

I made contact with the owner, and did some minor work at the time to get the car back into an operable condition. She did not do much running, but did attend the first Section Car Meet at Peterborough for a trip.

When Bruce was sold, I brokered the purchase of M112 on behalf of another enthusiast, and arranged its delivery to Adelaide.

Whilst in the Workshop, new seals were installed, the water hopper repaired, the electrics sorted out (although we modified her to run with an alternator for the PRR trip), adjusted the belts, cleaned the carbie and tuned her up. Her new owner had a new canvas made for her.

M112 did a run on the Kevin Penong line in 2003, and the Pichi Richi Railway just prior to ASSCO's insurance expiring.

M112 at Kevin: Her First Big Run post repair.

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