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Wickham Type Four.

This car is the property of the History Trust of South Australia, and is in the care of the National Railway Museum at Port Adelaide.

She is one of the most unique Wickhams around. She is not the only Wickham in South Australia, but she is the only broad gauge Type Four in exisistance in SA.

This year she turned 50, and to celebrate this Mile Stone, I offered to restore her on behalf of the Musuem. My intent is not to restore her for running, but the return her to a complete state, and to conserve her integrity for future use.

I am seeking assistance with missing components and advise on the materials that may have been used originally for flooring and decking.

Parts I seek, at this stage, are: Enging Cowling, Carburettor, exhaust, control panel and fuel lines.

If you are prepared to donate these parts, please contact Richard Crookall at the National Railway Museum

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