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The Cobby Car - Before


CC174 is an ex Port Lincoln Car. The photo here was taken at Islington Workshops, South Australia. Dean did not take a "before" pic, but suggests that 174 was not much different to the Cobby Car.

We could find no markings on the QR ST2 to confirm its fleet or builders number.

Parts of the frames have already been replaced. This is the front.

Sadly, the car was missing its builders plate! This is consistent with a "Tutts" size one.

It appears that the car had its plate right up until it made it to the Cobby museum. Notice the difference in the paint.

Its sad that people remove plates. Yeah they are nice to have on the wall but they mean nothing. Any numbnut collector knows that having a detailed provenance of a collectable adds seriously to its value.

Despite being in such poor shape, Dean reckoned many of the nuts were very free. I got the distinct impression this car was ratted over prior to its arrival at Cobby.

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