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Wickham Type Four - Silverton Tramway Co Ltd


The Sulphide Street Museum in Broken Hill retains three Type Four Wickhams used by the Silverton Tramway Company, including

This car has been clearly identified as 7539. It was dispatched 19 November, 1957 as part of order number 62488

The Works List notes one other car, 7891, (17 Ocotber 1957).

Advise was that Silverton took Delivery of three Wickham Type Fours, althought the database identifies only two. The third car COULD be 7414, of 1956. Unfortunately engine numbers were of no assistance!

The wind shields, similar to those fitted to NSW cars, were fitted during the last years of service.

All three cars were set up to be driven with the motor at the rear. They have been modified with a six volt lighting system, and a coil ignition. THe cars replaced a fleet of SAR build 42" gauge S class cars.

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