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This car is located at Paekakariki Station, north of Wellington, and home of Steam Inc.

This car retains the earlier version of transmission, using a Goodyear flat belt for its drive, and the Brake/Belt lever for power management. It also has Wickham wheels, so either did not operate much, or did not operate after the 1980's.

This is the belt/brake lever - in current position brakes are applied. The line is "no brakes-no power" and to the right (front of the car) is belt on. The button to the top of the picture is the gong.

Looking from the front of the car towards to the rear.

Here is the reduction gearbox with the belt roller below the main drive pulley. Note at the bottom is the belt/brake lever bar.

Looking toward the front of the car.

This gives a clearer picture of the belt tightening pulley (in "Fairmont" slang, an idler pulley) and the way the brake/belt lever system works. Note also the NZR WW car number plate WW13747. To the very right of the photo (grey blob) is the cars dynamo.

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