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WAGR Wickhams

These two cars are formerly from the Western Australian Government Railways.

They were in use on the Hotham Valley Railway many years ago, and are now privately owned.

The Wickham Register is relatively quiet on what went to WA. Although it is noted two Type Fours were sent to WA. There are a number of cars built by MIP whose fate is relatively unknown. The front car is the most original, with the rear car being modified to include a car differential for ther rear axles. On the two cars, I identified 5 different wheels; Fairmont (x1) Sankey (x2 different pressings) and ones that looked like QR, and the rest probably Midland copies.

The (remaining) frames areconsistent with a Wickham design, such as a Type 4, just butchered to death to seat four people. The Rear seats appear to be set up for operation. the front car is driven from the right rear seat. Other than the gearbox pictured below,the metal appears to be the key to these cars - both (remaining) frames are of a type of metal consistent with that of the English build broad gauge car. Based on this, it is most likley that these two cars are BN 7137 and 7138. Both being Type 4CS cars

I have not seen this type of box before, with the clutch attached to the box itself. Linkages at the left weave to a foot pedal. Is this a Wickham design, or a WAGR modification? Installed in the front car.

Appears to be Wickham

Standard Wickham brakes to flange mounted shoes.

This photo was captured by Len Purcell and appeared in a copy of Hotham Valley Railways's internal magazine "PSX". It references the car as a "Wickham", seen here in use on the Railway, probably west from Dwellingup. Photo used with permission of the Purcell Family.

I'd be keen to hear from you if you have any further information on these cars, those used by WAGR in particular, or can enlighten the Register as to what the Mystery MIP Cars were.

The video below features one of these cars running on the railway - fast forward to around 1:11:00 or so, for the footage

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