The Quad to Quorn

Walloway to Eurelia

25 January 1986

The Walloway Hills were a highlight of this railway. After the openness of the Plains, the confinement and embankments were a treat. The car is south of Halls Well on the climb up.


When we stopped in Eurelia, we were warmly greeted by Reece and Gloria Bennet. They lived in the old Post Office next to the Town Hall.

These guys were to become Mr and Mrs Eurelia, and were well known within the community, Steamtown and the Section Car Hobby.

Sadly, Reece died early in 2007 following a battle with Cancer, and Gloria has moved to Adelaide to be with her family.

They are kindly remembered by those who were involved in Steamtown, including those who run their section cars illegally, even as recently as late 2007 - some people think they are above the law of the land.

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