M97- The Donk

(or for the Americans, the one-lunger)

Piston is out, and heres the bore nicely honed I have a spare set of new rings which will drop in to tighten up a little. The lip at the top of the stroke is very very fine, and can be barely felt after the light hone.

The circle highlights a small pit. Not worrying me though!

Crown and Rings

The top (intake) port edge is suffering a little damage from the bits of white metal from the bearing, but nothing that cannot be fixed.

A few score marks, but nothing too much to worry about.

Big end - mesays is rooted. Needs to be hard chromed back up to spec.

MMM so that is what a bearingless big end looks like.

The mushy part is not the old bearing, its the aluminium of the rod itself.

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