No M97

Update July 29 2001

Headlight Bracket Welded in to position (I am an OHS Consultant, not a welder)

Installing the cleaned and repacked idler pulley

Sanded and primed the decking ready for painting

Tracked down a new seat (will weld a Chook-mobile seat on as this one looks as though it will be very uncomfortable)

Repaired the lift handle brakcet

And secured one of the support rails

In the previous week I have:

  • Installed the piston and rings
  • Partly re-set the Big End Babbit Bearing
  • Installed the flywheels and secured
  • Dropped an aluminum head into Simax Engineering for repairs
  • Chased up a new C40 Generator and Regulator
I found a guy who is able to supply original style headlights as well, so will be persuing this.

All that is left is to re-wire her, fit the motor, swap around some wheels and then go for a spin!

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