No M97

Update August 11, 2001

Looking a little better.

My Wifes Corolla Died, but its' seats will live on. Looks wanky, but hey, I'll be comfortable.

The exhaust pipe is back in. I cut about 5 inches from the thing so it would fit. Seems the last person towork on the old girl didn't care too much!

The elbow is an AN/SAR fake, made of cast iron.Will need to grind a little space in the frames.

The deck is finished, the plates are not fastened, as I have two others to mount, and want to trial the layout.

The control panel is off an old M15 that was a junker.

My Mutt wanting a ride!

She's ready, the car is not.

Will get my head in the next few weeks, and the generator is on order. 6 weeks to YPR

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