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I have always said that this car was an original factory car. and whilst what is left today may not be much of the original there is material at least to support my view that M7 was one of the first cars to come to Australia, and to the SAR. I am advised that some "unreliable" sources may share this view.

Early clues came during restoration when under layers of paint a color consistent with that used by Farimont Railway Motors Inc was identified on some parts.

A patent plate was also extant on the car, on the left hand side of the engine tunnel - this is the only car I have ever seen with one fitted.

Following enquiries in the US, there is evidence to support that at least three M19Z42's came from the US to Australia. two being shipped in 1949, and a third, the one above, in 1950.

There were three cars in SA, and 10 or so in Queensland. Another M19Z42 was sent to the Emu Bay Railway.

These are the Birth Papers for an M19Z42 that was shipped out to Australia in 1950. Is this M7? - nice to think so.


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