The Pacific Northwest Tour, 2003

St Maries River Railroad - Plummer

The St Maries River is a shortline hauling mainly logs. It makes extensive use of former Milwaukee mainline and equipment. The sections we will be travelling form part of the territory of the Company that was known as the "Gap" or the section that was not electrified.

This day, Tuesday July 1, 2003, we are heading towards Plummer, travelling on some of the Milwaukee mainline. this is 132lb rail in stunning condition, and includes a trip across Lake Benewah. There is a viaduct that carries the line. One would think that a viaduct would be level. This one is, except at one end where the grade into St Maries starts.

This is a busy Shortline, still carrying timber. Indeed it is owned by Potlatch Forests Inc. The workshops are well equiped ,and appear to do a great job in maintaining everything.

The section tomorrow, up to Bovill, still sees log traffic as well. The St Maries meets the Union Pacific at Plummer.

Ted Hoheisel very kindly offered me his MT19, which it turned out, had a minor bug. Thanks to Dan and his mates in the Kentucky Hirail, I was pushed twice to keep rolling. When we stopped I spent 5 minutes trouble shooting, and had her running like a clock. I met with Bill Taylor, who has the unenviable job of assisting Jan edit the SETOFF.

What a great treat. Heavy Iron and an MT19. Thanks Yet again, Ted.

After we returned to St Maries, there was an informal barbie cum end of run get together, down by the river. I am told a very good time was had by all!

And No, I did not stick Molson labels onto everything!

The railroads own MT19.

The Railways Depot and Head Office.

My Stead for the day - Teds MT19

The St Maries still makes use of former Milwaukee Road plant, this being a snow plow.

The Blue Machine from the Vanderspek Fleet, with John Black conversing with Carl and George.

Heading out, its logs, logs,logs.

The Lake Benewah Viaduct

The Viaduct at Sunset

Another of the Viaduct at Sunset.

Yep we were on some big iron.

The office at Plummer. The railroad kindly dropped off port-a-pottys for us.

One happy Camper!

Back along the Viaduct.

Thanks yet again for the loan, Ted. The MT19 has been set off ready for loading up.

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