The Pacific Northwest Tour, 2003

Blue Mountain Railroad

After packing up from the Joseph trip, the group headed over to Dayton in Washington State, a couple of hours drive away.

Dayton is still a country town, although like so many in America, it is having problems with larger towns, franchise stores and loss of employment. Dayton still has a large flour mill and cannery providing work for the town, and for the railway.

Two buildings stood out, the Courthouse - so typical of the style you see in the movies, and the Depot. The Depot was built in 1881 and is the oldest in the State of Washington.

The Depot was open whilst we set on, and I made use of its verandah to take some pics. I have not included them all here, but will add them to a subsidary page at some stage. They are most interesting to see as there are so many ways of "skinning a cat"!

The set on was very smooth. Some 25 cars in 31 minutes!

The trip was a day one, across to the town of Walla Walla, which we had driven through on the way to set on, for lunch. The line runs through very rich farming country. We saw some absolutely stunning crops on the way. I shared part of the ride with Jim and Pat Spicer, and with Clyde Andrews.

The other fantastic features of Dayton is the Wienhard Hotel and the cafe below it - absolutely excellent, and worth a deviation if you are needing a good feed and a decent bed!

Set on was Sunday June 21, and the run Monday June 22.

Molson the Wonder Dog monitors the procedings at Dayton.

The Dayton Depot. The caretakers were really very kind, let me up onto the verandah to take photos, but would not allow me to make a donation. I, however HAD to sign the visitors book.

Lead car is Chris Baldos ST2AA, everyone on and ready to go in 35 or so minutes - just stunning to watch.!

Heres a link to more photos of this very slick team

Preparing to cross at Bolles

The silos at Prescott. to the right of the photo is a large bunker.


I know a couple of cockies who would kill for a crop like this!

Yes, I have a "thing" for silos.

Whoever did this must have done some damage to their car. Apparently the Railroad has not heard anything!

Before bending the line, they swiped a fence, made of railway iron.

This was very inconvenient, as we had to walk about a mile to our lunch spot, the former Walla Walla Depot.

Kitty Alegre and T-bell take 5 prior to heading back to Dayton!

Prescott Elevator - so many of these timber structures - too little film!

Clyde and Bonnie and their MT19, with Jim Haskins M19 behind, and of course the Prescott Elevator.

Clydes car folds down to a box - to eliminate the wind resistance posed by the screen.

Variation on a theme

Jim Haskins M19, the Prescott elevator, and no Clyde car!

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