Welcome to my pages on my most recent Speeder trip, the White Pass and Yukon Route from Skagway Alaska to Carcross Canada.

Lynda and I did a round the world trip in 2006, taking in Europe, the UK, Canada and the US. I planned to share with Lynda some of my experiences from the Pacific North West Tour of 2003. We did plan to go across to Edmonton to visit freinds, but then an email came!

John was heading up to the Yukon, and he kindly invited me to join him. We were planning to spend some time with John Black and Jeanne Kleyne as part of our journey. I jumped at the chance. Canada, White Pass and speeder - what a holiday!

I don't get to go on speeders that often anymore because of my work, so this was too good to be true. We cancelled the Rocky Mountaineer and I went to White Horse, and Lynda to her friends in British Columbia.

The run was organised by Janet, Gil and Bodie Dominguez under the auspices of Motorcar Operators West Inc. With a total of 9 cars, it was the perfect balance of size and track.

So, after taking out the NARCOA insurance, all was set to ride the White Pass.

Many thanks to the WPYR for hosting the run, Janet, Gil and Bodie for organising it, the MOW members who continue to be such warm and welcoming people, John for being the ever kind and gracious host he is, and to Lynda for letting me run away!

Navigation is easy. The site is organised by spots along the railway. The site starts at White Horse, where I flew in from Vancouver, and was met by John.

At the bottom of each page are three links, one to take you back to the previous page, one to bring you back here, and one to take you on to the next page.

This site is not a history of the WPRY!


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