Our SIC Fleet No 34
First Real Run!
SIC34 hit the rails on the October Long Weekend (5, 6, and 7, 2002) and managed to run the entire line between Stirling North and Liegh Creek in the Far North of South Australia.

The best thing is she managed to do this without breaking down. Not bad for a car that a year ago was a complete wreck.

Some minor adjustments were made, part of the exhaust fell off, and a pin fell out of the gearbox, but given that a wheel was slightly out of round, pretty good.

Unfortunately Steve Overmyer couldn't make it to share in the trip, but we are working on being able to do it all again before ASSCO insurance expires.

The trip was a lot of fun, with three days being far less pressured than two.

. WE had a BALL!

Thank you yet again to Glen Reye and NRG Flinders for allowing ASSCO to access their line.

SIC34 @ Beltana © Ian Harris
Despite working on these confounded things for most of his life, Don still enjoys a decent run on a section car. The SIC is no exception!

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