Our SIC Fleet No 34
With a couple of weeks to go, its time to fix up the SIC following its first big run. We are back up to Leigh Creek in March.

This time, we are looking forward to its co-owner, Steve, taking for the run.

There are only a couple of jobs - resetting the rear axle from being right on gauge to just slightly under gauge, and tuning up the motor.

Ian Harris kindy turned up the hanger pin we lost south of Neuroodla on the last run.

I have the air cooling casing off as the head gasket has a very slight leak. it will also be a good chance to see how the valves are holding.

The old girl has had her arse up to re-do the gauge

This photo shows the puller set up (actually a puller for a harmonic balancer - it did the trick - ready to pull the hub from the axle. turn and turn and turn and swear and turn some more - and off she comes!

Handy hint - a real puller will be a lot easier - I am just too lazy to sort out my puller.

The axle after the hub fell off
This SIC has a hard plastic bush, tapered for the axle only, which has a split (see at about 2 oclock). The bush can be adjusted by pressing or hammering in the direction needed to bring into gauge. This is a little different from the old Fairmont where the bush is tapered for both the axle and hub.
Even fitted a return spring

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