Our SIC Fleet No 34
The weekend has been spent tinkering with the front axles. I have pulled the bearings apart, and both appear to be in reasonable condition.

Also fitted new wheels as the old were really stuffed.

The gearbox and clutch is back together and ready to roll. I am awaiting the new hanger pin for the selector arm and then she'll be ready.


The motor spent the weekend on the floor. There is a carby problem, but that can wait

The underside of the old dear. There is a bit of rust and a lot of crud.

The bearing carrier after a clean and tinker.

The big Brass knob is a more interesting form of "split axle".

Not too badly engineered, actually. These even have a seal!

This is what the bearings look like when pulled from the car.

Other than undoing the control panel (if it can be called a "control panel") the cab remains rough,

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Thanks to My Father in Law for lending me his Digital camera!

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