Our SIC Fleet No 34
Day Two of the project

Turns out the clutch plates can be bought, ready to roll.

Today was gearbox day. I spent an hour pulling apart the gearbox (its an Aldion two speeder with reverse) and found a couple of problems.

The first was that themain bearing is past it, rough as guts to turn by hand, and that one of the retaining pins for the selector arm is missing. I will talk to the gearbox man when I pick up the new plates. he may have one in stock.

Other than those issues, the gearbox appears to be in a relatively good condition. Its amazing how well it came up after a wash. Found a little NSWGR stamp even.

No work on motor today.
The problem bearing is the one in the middle of the photo. I dont have a press, yet, so will get a mate to replace this for me.

The Guts

This is in "Low". The gears in the cage move up and engage the teeth on the smaller shaft for "High", and can then slip up (in this photo) to engage reverse. A small Idler gear is located in the housing near the bearing inthe above photo. indeed it is behind the little hrass cap. In the bottom right corner can be seen the selector arm.

Another view of the driven plate
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