Our SIC Fleet No 34
Day Six of the Project

I managed to finish off the motor over the weekend, and after fiting her back into the body, bodging a temporary wire-up and replumbing the fuel, got her to fire and run. There is a bit of crud blocking the idler jet, so she is a bit rough at idle. But, She Runs!

Motor back in her hole. The oil is my spill, not the seals leaking!

The original ammeter and starter button. Turns out the S12D motor used in a Telodine is related to the AELND series Wisconsin motor. This plate is actually an original Wisconsin issue item. And most of it still works!

Scraped some paint off. Big bits of a thousand layers.

Can you see the fleet number?

The Fibreglass is not in too bad a shape, a coat of paint and away we go!

No progress on the Gearbox!

Jobs to do:

Pull off axles and inspect bearings

Fit new chains


Install Alternator (unless the dynamo powers up)


Fix seats

Go for a Run!

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Page uploaded March 18, 2002

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