Our SIC Fleet No 34
The SIC came to Adelaide March 11, 2002, after leaving Sydney on Friday March 8.

Toll Express were great.

 The Beast sits in Tolls' Adelaide yard.

The guys thought it pretty cool, one reckoned a V-twin would boost performance

 On the way to the trailer

Nearly onto the trailer

 Lynda groans at another heap in the shed!

 Rhani welcomes another speeder the the shed

When do I get to go for a ride?

 Within five mins of getting home, motor is out. That will need the valves re-lapped, and a few other minor jobs.

 Carbie bowl

There has been some ingress of water to this beast. Cleaned up nicely though.

 These are the drive and driven plates, had a little rain on them. Nothing unrestorable, just more time and fiddling.

This car has an Albion 3 speed reversable gearbox in it.

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